1. Hello everyone.

    First I want to say, I'm using the API for patch 1.12.1.. I hope. Trying to make a simple filter/autoloot what you want. Addon for vanilla WoW.

    Been trying to put this together for hours but I just can't spot my error nor find any info about this 'LootSlot();' function.

    My problem is that nothing happens. So far all it does is spit out my prints.. that's it.

    .toc file:
     ## Interface: 11200
     ## Title: LootOMat
     ## Notes: none
     ## Dependencies: Stubby

    .lua file:
     function lootIt()
        local lootLength = GetNumLootItems();
        for items = 1, lootLength do
            local lootIcon, lootName, lootQuantity, lootRarity = GetLootSlotInfo(items);
            if (lootRarity > 0 or lootQuantity == 0) then
                local loot = LootSlot(items);
     local f = CreateFrame("Frame", "MyAddOnFrame", nil);
     f:SetScript("OnEvent", lootIt);
     Stubby.Print("LootOMat: Successfully Loaded");

    Any help is welcome!

    Best regards Qvintus

    Sorry, we don't support private servers.

    Saw no such thing in term of service.. oh well sorry to take your time .__.