1. Hi, I use sliders in my addon, and are usually created using xml such as :

        <Slider name="abiDeletingSlider1" inherits="OptionsSliderTemplate" minValue="30" maxValue="120" defaultValue="30" valueStep="30" orientation="HORIZONTAL">
            <Size x="220" y="15" />
                <Anchor point="TOPLEFT">
                    <Offset x="550" y="-32" />
                <OnValueChanged>abiDeletingSlider1Text:SetText(abiDeletingSlider1:GetValue().." days")</OnValueChanged>

    and the lua code (setting default starting values) for the OnLoad is :

     function abiDeletingSlider1_OnLoad(slider)
        _G[slider.."Text"]:SetText("30 days");

    The slider used to move through the values 30,60,90 and 120, but since the 5.40 patch the slider is stepping by a small number (under 1) and is being displayed as 14.5613245523 for example.

    How can i get the slider back to working with just the correct integer values, and stepping at the correct interval of 30?