1. Hi, I want to display a Model/PlayerModel/whatever so it looks like it stands/sits/whatever around in the world. what I got so far:

       local frame = CreateFrame("PlayerModel","mxpplayermodel",WorldFrame)

    this displays sylvanas in the center of the screen, between world and interface (in the background of worldframe with level 99999).

    now I need to find out the camera 3d position/rotation matrix used for world-to-camera translations. have no clue how, since GetCurrentPosition is removed. does anybody know how to achieve this? my idea is to display "custom NPCs" in a roleplay-addon for player-created quests and so on (like TotalRP's quest system, but more "natural", because of ingame fake NPCs).

    I'm not sure how you'd go about doing this. You can get the direction in which you are heading by checking the rotation of the minimap arrow, but that won't help with what where the camera is, which is what you really want to see. Not sure!