1. Im creating an addon that is used in raids. Of course, to troubleshoot the addon I need to be in a raid to ensure things function correctly. Is there an easier way to test in raid addons aside from logging into the game and looking for someone you can invite and convert?

    Can you create test raids on the PTR???


    I don't know of a way to make a fake/solo raid. If you have friends with alts, they can log on to an alt, join your group, and then log off. So it doesn't take a lot of anyone else's time. But is still a pain for testing.

    The only other way I can think of is to modify your code to allow you to skip the IsInRaid check. But obviously if your addon depends on raid APIs throughout, that won't help much.

    Yeah this has been an issue for a while-- before 2.0 and the secure templates we were able to 'fake' being in a raid (without events) but its much harder now.

    You can do what I would before the latest expac was released and you couldn't solo the older raids: On your Battle.net account add a free account. Logon to that account and create a toon. You will need both accounts running at the same time long enough for the new free account player to accept the invite. Then from your main toon send the invite and convert to raid.

    You will need to do /run SetAllowLowLevelRaid(true) on the new toon also.