1. hello,

    first post here!

    I am using weakauras to monitor my current attack power. the function to do that is following:

     function ()
         -- Update every second only
         local now             = GetTime();
         WA_STATS_LAST_UP = WA_STATS_LAST_UP or now - 1;
         if now >= WA_STATS_LAST_UP + 0.1 then
             -- Shedule next update
             WA_STATS_LAST_UP = now;
             -- Current values
             local apBase, apPlus, apNeg = UnitAttackPower("player");
             -- Return text
             WA_STATS_RETURN = string.format("AP: %.2f", apBase + apPlus + apNeg);
         return  WA_STATS_RETURN or "<no data>";

    There should be a finite number of states or values the attack power can have, because the enchants or trinkets affecting it are limited as well.

    What I would like to know is a way to monitor and catalog each states uptime.

    For example "you spent 36 seconds at 35000 ap" or "you spent 29 seconds at 38000 ap"

    Any input is welcome.