1. I am writing an addon for personal use. The script uses a loop that calls the function UnitBuff() a lot of times in a rapid succession, and I'm worried that it may cause problems with the connection. I don't mind my laptop slowing down.

    My question is, is there any way to know if a function requests/sends information from/to the server, and may be a problem when called all the time? Specially UnitBuff() UnitDebuff() and UnitAura()

    (Sorry for my English)

    It should all be client side. But why are you calling it more than 64 times?

    Thanks for the quick response jnwhiteh. You ask why. I have a table with names of different buffs and debuffs, and want the addon to act differently if each name is found: 1-In the target as a debuff 2-In player as buff 3-in player as debuff 4-In raid member as buff or debuff 5-none of them (yes, is quite specific) So that's about 50 calls to either of the functions when the event fires. Has the number 64 a special meaning? Is that a limit for something?