1. ok here is my issue, i searched for a few days and im really having a problem getting a border on this short bit o script, now my intent is to add the dialog box art file from wow to a border for this frame

    ` local frame = CreateFrame("frame", "LeftChatBaseFrame", UIParent)

        LeftChatBaseFrame:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", UIParent,"BOTTOMLEFT")
        LeftChatBaseFrame.portrait = LeftChatBaseFrame:CreateTexture("LeftChatBaseFrame_Portrait", "BACKGROUND")
        LeftChatBaseFrame.portrait:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", 0, 0)


    i found this little bit of a snippet that i have been trying to mimic into my code but to no avail.

    ` self.FrameBackdrop = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, self)

    self.FrameBackdrop:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", self, "TOPLEFT", -4, 4)
    self.FrameBackdrop:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", self, "BOTTOMRIGHT", 4, -4)
    self.FrameBackdrop:SetBackdrop {
        edgeFile = glowtex, edgeSize = 5,
        insets = {left = 3, right = 3, top = 3, bottom = 3}
    self.FrameBackdrop:SetBackdropColor(0, 0, 0, 0)
    self.FrameBackdrop:SetBackdropBorderColor(0, 0, 0)

    ` i know that glowtex is the actual call to file that has been defined as a local here

    however i would just prefer to define the actual edgefile but im constantly running into errors anyway, i could use a hand here, BTW i have 0 XML and i would prefer if i could stay away from it

    I can't find any reason that your code wouldn't work, assuming glowtex is indeed a valid path to a texture. Have you tried just setting a backdrop without all the alpha and colors and strata and seeing if that works? Just a simple:

    ` LeftChatBaseFrame:SetBackdrop {

         edgeFile = glowtex, edgeSize = 5,
         insets = {left = 3, right = 3, top = 3, bottom = 3}