1. Hi, I'm new to the forum and my knowledge of lua are null, so we sought help from you who are professionals.

    In the past used an addon for pvp, called DotaKillSound. The last version of the game supports this addon is 3.3.5a. I tried to change some of the files but I have not run the addon. Looking for information about lua, I found this forum and wanted to know if anyone can review the code of this addon and tell me if the code is not too old and if you can upgrade to the version of the game that is the 5.2. In general I want to know if you have an easy solution because if you have to rewrite the entire code addon, I'm not interested. I have no idea lua programming.

    Would be very grateful if any of you can retrieve this addon, is truly one of the best addon I've seen and I would like to play with this addon.


    Thanks for your time.

    Help to update an addon to version 5.2 (DotaKillSound)

    I'm sorry, this forum is primarily for the support of the readers of my book, not just general Lua knowledge. Perhaps you should try wowinterface or wowace.

    Okay, sorry.

    Thank you.