1. I am trying to add a configuration slider to my config window. I can get the slider to show, but cannot figure how to show the text version of the slider position. The slider shows up in my config widow and i am able to slide it but I want to show the numeric value of the slider position in a box below the slider.

    Any help would be very wonderful


    Are you using any library to provide your config interface or are you writing it yourself?

    I have a config.lua and config.xml that I wrote. I haven't used any libraries for the config panel. The config panel has been working with just radio buttons, but i need to add a way for the user to input a numeric limit.

    This puts the slider in the config panel. do i need to add a separate text box for the number display? or is there one that is tied to the slider?

    XML Code: `

        <Slider name="$parentMaxiLvLSlider" inherits="OptionsSliderTemplate">
                <AbsDimension x="440" y="20"/>
                <Anchor point="TOPLEFT" relativeTo="$parentCheckButtonSoulbound">
                <Offset><AbsDimension x="0" y="-40"/></Offset>
                    getglobal(self:GetName().."Text"):SetText("iLvL sell below");


    Thank in Advance

    Hope this helps:

    My XML code is

            <Slider name="CashProfitSlider" inherits="OptionsSliderTemplate" minValue="0" maxValue="500" defaultValue="50" valueStep="5" orientation="HORIZONTAL">
                 <Size x="284" y="21" />
                        <Anchor point="TOPLEFT">
                      <Offset x="480" y="-167" />

    with the lua code being :

          function CashProfitSlider_OnLoad(slider)
            local sl=_G[slider]
            sl.tooltipText = "|cffffff00This is the Minimum Gold Profit you are looking for.";

    Not the most elegant of code, but i think the bit you need is the OnValueChanged line.