1. Hello. I have some basic questions i want to ask about the addon i just made for wow 3.3.5a version.

    The addon is working fine, but it doesn't respond to some lines in my code.

    I am very familiar with c++ and javascript, but pretty new to LUA ::)

    my source.lua contains

     PlayerFrame:SetScale(1.3)           //works
     TargetFrame:SetScale(1.2)           //works
     PartyMemberFrame1:SetScale(1.25)    //works
     PartyMemberFrame2:SetScale(1.25)    //works
     PartyMemberFrame3:SetScale(1.25)    //works
     PartyMemberFrame4:SetScale(1.25)    //works
     BuffButton1:SetScale(1.25)          //does not compute
     DebuffButton1:SetScale(1.25)        //does not compute

    i also need a way to address all BuffButtonFrames at once and i really need some positioning code ...

    I saw the lua official reference and i cant seem to find what i need Im sure its really simple please explain guys :)

    Nobody here will help user of pirate server.

    well too bad that my pc cant run MOP ... and i had to quit at an older version of the game.