1. I have a working addon called Abigail, which stores its saved variables at C:\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account'my account name'\SavedVariables\Abigail.lua

    The variables are declared in the .toc file as ## SavedVariables: abiPriceIndex, abiVariables, abiShoppingList, abiItemLinkTable

    What I would like to do is write another addon that reads the information stored in these Abigail variables, without having the original (Abigail) addon loaded, but I cannot find out how to access them.

    I've tried looking at some addons that read data that other addons have created, but I'm just not seeing how its done. Any help would, as always, be greatfully received.

    You can't do what you want to do. You can only access the saved variables for the addons that have been loaded.

    You can, however, read the other addon's data if the other addon has been loaded. Make the other addon be an optional dependency of yours (so the other addon will be loaded first if it's there), then have your addon check whether the other's saved variables exist, and, if so, read them.

    Ahh - dependancies! Yes, that may well be the way forward - thanks for your input :)