1. Hi!

    I'm a lua beginner, trying to make a simple addon work as desired. It's a miniature panel that lets me queue for random bgs, arenas and LFDs through a simple click. I'm having a problem with the battleground queue, however. It works initially, queues me up for a bg if solo, and also queues as group. When I leave the battleground it wont let me re-queue, unless I reload the UI. I have tried variants of self:RegisterEvent("ZONE_CHANGED_NEW_AREA") but just don't know what is wrong. The function itself looks like this:

     function Qup_NumCall(arg1)
         local location = nil
         if     (arg1==1) then
            if(CanJoinBattlefieldAsGroup()) then
            JoinBattlefield(0,1) -- join battlefield as group
        JoinBattlefield(0,0) -- join battlefield as single player
        elseif (arg1==2) then
         elseif (arg1==3) then

    The arena queue seems to work fine. In the xml I have scripts like these:

     <OnEvent>Qup_OnEvent(self, event, ...);</OnEvent>

    Any ideas? Much appreciated :)