1. Hi again. I've noticed that since 5.04 there seems to a be a lot more items with identical names, but with different quality values. For example, "Ghost-Forged Helm of the Preserver" could be either a blue or a green item, with different stats.

    Is there any way of getting the quality value (0 to 7), or the itemID number, of an item that has been successfully sold at the auction house. For items that have expired, the information can be read from the mailbox when a user collects it again. But for sold items, I can only find the item name and cash values.

    I was hoping to use the quality or itemID number to differentiate between items with identical names, so that sales of one would not alter my history of recent selling prices of the other.

    Any ideas?

    Hrm.. I think those messages are pure text, not even hyperlinks.. if they are then no =/ If they aren't, you should dump the raw hyperlinks and see what differs!