1. I would like to create some frames in Lua rather than in XML but I'm having a hard time making the crossover. I understand how to make the frame and place it in the correct spot in Lua, but i'm having a hard time attaching the background texture and the border texture. I've done some research and I'm not getting anything that is exactly what I'm looking for. I just need to know what the code would be to place the background texture on this frame and set it to these dimension, and then attach the border texture to this frame and set it to these dimensions. I know this should be extremely easy, but I'm super new to programming and I'm trying to teach myself out of a book. Its proving to be a slow process. Thanks a bunch.

    Border is tough, it's changed. Background is easy, you just CreateTexture() and SetAllPoints(). Perhaps if you have a specific example or question?

    Well lets just say i'm trying to create a rectangular frame in the middle of my screen. I want the frame to be 250 x 400 and I want the background to be BackgroundA.tga and the border to be BorderA.tga. Never mind any functions of the frame. I just simply need to know how to set the border and the background.

    There are things like this covered in the book, have you looked there?

    Yeah i looked for it in the book, but I could only find where it shows you how to do it in XML and then says it can also be in in Lua. I didn't see where it actually showed how to do it in Lua. If I missed it then just a page reference would be great. Thanks.

    Page 157 (Chapter 9) shows adding background textures to the BagBuddy frame. Yes, this is in XML, but it is an easy translation of that to Lua. You can see on page 162 how to convert an example XML definition to Lua.

    If you absolutely insist on doing things in Lua, then you're going to need to figure out how to create textures. That's a good place to start looking.

    After reading through that about 5 times I was finally able to put it together and figure out what I need to do. Thanks for being patient with my ignorance.

    Glad you were able to get it worked out!