1. I'd like to identify a NPC who said something in a chat. It's easy to detect the NPCs name via CHAT_MSG_MONSTER_SAY). But the problem is that the names are nationalized. E.g. the NPC that is named "King Varian Wrynn" in english clients is called "König Varian Wrynn" in german clients. Is there a way to deduce language independent information from the name? Unfortunately something line UnitGUID doesn't work on names - which is only logical as there may be several NPCs sharing the same name. Targeting the NPC is not an option.

    Or is there a way to get the nationalized name from a kind of creature id?

    You can use a library like LibBabble which contains many of the translations.

    Thank you for the hint! But it looks that libbabble mirrors information of wow. The fact that libbabble exists tells me that there is no way to extract default identifications using the api directly.

    You are correct =)