1. Hey, I've been thinking about making a addon that will help alot with leveling in MoP. And I mean leveling while you are AFK or semi AFK.

    The idea is to write an addon that when you die it will notice that theres a mass ress healer nearby (AREASPIRITHEALERINRANGE). Then it would auto cancel the ress (CancelAreaSpiritHeal() ). That means you can just die really fast then walk awey from the comp. Leaving the rest to the addon. None will kick a ghost "waiting" for a ress.

    The next part of this idea is not to get kicked out by going afk, so will need something to make the char jump or just walk forward and backwards once every 30 sec or so. Also I would like a botton or something to click to enable and enable the feature.

    No idea if this would be legal by Blizzards Terms of Use. This might just be classed as a bot. Please give me your thoughts on my idea. And could anyone help me write an addon like this? Been trying to put the code together myself but can't get it to work.

    I hope you like my idea ^^

    This would be considered botting and illegal.

    you must surely not enjoy having your account with battle.net, as this would be a breach of the contract you made with blizzard entertainment when you clicked the Accept button at the terms of use page when you first started up the game.

    Well, the first step isn't botting. Not really, anyway. If it's possible within the Lua API, it's allowed.

    However, the second step won't be possible. Addons cannot perform any actions that prevent you from automatically going AFK. Any way to automate these actions will be botting.