1. Hi there,

    I've been trying to create a simple addon to help my guild manage our DKP system. One thing it does is keep a list of loot that has been auctioned during a raid.

    What i want to do is display that loot in a list...which is not hard to do. What i'd like to do though is making the items clickable, so that a tooltip with the item information pops up...just like when you click an item link in the chat window.

     for k, v in pairs(latestRaid.loot) do
                if not latestLoot[numLoot] then
                    latestLoot[numLoot] = CreateFrame("SimpleHTML",nil,  lootList)
                local loot = latestLoot[numLoot]
                loot:SetText(v.link .. " - " .. v.winner .. " - " .. v.cost .. "DKP")
                if numLoot == 0 then
                    loot:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", lootList, "TOPLEFT", 10, -33)
                    numLoot = numLoot + 1
                    previous = latestLoot[numLoot - 1]
                    loot:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", previous, "BOTTOMLEFT", 0, -2)
                    numLoot = numLoot + 1

    The above code works fine. It creates the frames, it even displays the item names in the correct colors and with [] around the item name...but the links aren't clickable. I have searched the internet but i just can't find what i'm doing wrong. Initially i wasn't creating SimpleHTML frames but FontStrings...but that didn't work either.

    Any ideas?

    You have to create your own OnHyperlinkClicked handler. I do this in LightHeaded, it might be worth looking there.

    Got it to work, thanks alot!