1. Hey guys, I'm trying to work out how to display the queue times for LFD/LFR/RBG since 5.0.4 dropped. I've got a chunk of code I'm trying to update for an "abandoned" addon as a fan update (The majority of the work has already been done by a spare author, I've just volunteered to get this part to save them some time.) I have no clue where to start. No errors are being throw, so I assume to code is right. But the display of the time (which was once visible as text under the minimap, i.e the same info that comes from the mouse over but always visible) is now gone. I think the issue stems from the multiple queues now available at the same time. I've noticed that google is lacking a bit when it comes to specific function explanations and detailed how toos. Anyone available to help? Very new to addons, and though I've picked up a bit, I still can't quite visualize the code yet.

    I'm sorry but I don't have time at the moment to help with general WoW addon questions, although I'm happy to help with any questions relating to the book. Perhaps you might try one of the many other WoW UI forums that are better fits for this purpose?