1. Hi- I need to move the PetBattleFrame so it is below the TitanPanel bars. Unfortunately no matter what I try the top does not move. I can get the bottom part PetBattleFrame.BottomFrame to move.

    In chat I have tried the below with the PetBattleFrame visible

    /script PetBattleFrame:SetAllPoints(false)

    /script PetBattleFrame:ClearAllPoints()

    /script PetBattleFrame:SetPoint("TOP", "UIParent", "TOP", 0, -24)

    /dump PetBattleFrame:GetPoint(PetBattleFrame:GetNumPoints()) returns the values I would expect but PetBattleFrame does not move.

    When I try the same in code the top bar either does not move or it disappears completely.

    Any tips?

    Sorry, this is a website for me to assist the readers of my book. It's not a general forum for helping with UI questions. Sorry!