1. Hi- I am having an issue with parentKey in Lua. How do you reference the parent key?

    I want to do something like: ` myframes={ PetBattleFrameBottomFrame = {frameName = "PetBattleFrame.BottomFrame", ...} ...}

    Then for index, value in pairs(myframes) do ... frame = getfenv(0)[myframes[value].frameName] ... frame:ClearAllPoints ... frame:SetPoint ` but frame is always nil.

    I've also tried /dump getfenv(0)["PetBattleFrame"] -- works

    /dump getfenv(0)["PetBattleFrame.BottomFrame"] -- nil whether shown or not

    and other variations to get something to work but no dice yet.

    Any suggestions?

    If you have a frame named 'Foo' that has an element with a parentKey of 'bar', then you use Foo.bar.