1. Hey guys, I'm fairly new to LUA and all that I've learned is how to create a escort quest, scripting a NPC, making a custom flight/mount path and things like that. Now I have stumbled accros a problem. I am making a custom blizzlike server, wich is why I started learning LUA scripting, and I'm trying to create a quest such as this:

    Would you believe that in my darkest hour, at the apex of my being, I failed. As I fled from the wanton destruction of the forces that overwhelmed us, the only sounds I could hear were the screams of my soldiers and the rapid beat of my own heart. A short while later, I returned to Nagrand in hopes of rescuing my men and restoring my honor. Instead I was captured and beaten until dead. What I found out during my inquisition and subsequent torture was horrifying.

    Please continue, Hero...

    My captors were cruel beyond measure, <name>. They would alternate between Deputy Rainer and I, torturing one while the other watched. During a lull in the activity of an especially cruel day, Rainer told me what had happened to my men and a plan he had been formulating to free them from their masters. They suffered a fate far worse than death, or even the pain Rainer and I endured.

    What could be worse than death?

    And so on, now I'm really wondering how I can make people accept a quest, then a NPC will say this all in a log (when right-clicking him), and players must go all the way to the end in order to complete the quest. Any tips? I can use hooks if that's any help :)

    Thanks already.

    Nobody here will help you. We don't provide support for users of pirate servers.

    Aww why not xD

    Aww why not xD

    Self-explanatory if you read Blizzard's Terms of Use, of which you are in violation.