1. Hi, everytime i create an EditBox and give it a text with SetText("some Text"), the editbox seems to be empty. But I just found out that the box isnt empty, lua correctly parsed the text in it and scrolls so far away from the start that you cant see the text anymore. When I click in the editbox and press "Pos1" to jump to the start of the editbox the Text is shown. Is there a way to show the text in the editbox without having to manually go to the start of the box?

    my typical declaration template:

    function editbox_template(text, name, template, parent, xvalue, yvalue, width, height, multiline)
        local returnvalue
        if template == ""   then    template = "InputBoxTemplate" end
        returnvalue = CreateFrame("EditBox", name, parent, template)
        returnvalue:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", parent, "TOPLEFT", xvalue, yvalue)
        returnvalue:SetTextInsets(0, 0, 0, 0)
        return returnvalue

    Just found out, that I can change the position of the cursor. I added


    to the template and it works just fine

    thanks anyway ;)

    Another trick is to call SetText twice, the first time with an empty string end the 2nd time with the desired value.