1. Hello,

    As far as I can see there is a community of WoW addon developers in here, and I really hope there are people with old experience in here as well. Thing is, there is pretty good private server for WoW client 1.12.1, and I am guild master of a guild in there, and to make some processes in guild more automated I need such tool as an addon with following functionality:

    - It must track raid events, like CT_RaidTracker does
    - It must track boss deaths as an event
    - After major events data must be saved to file to avoid data lose, like CharacterProfiler can do
    - If disconnect or client crash did happen, it have to resume last raid tracking (from last saved moment)
    - On item looting according to specific filter window for entering DKP should popup for ML(RL)
    - Raid data must be importable to specific XML format for later uploading to website (format description will be given)
    - It must have hidden sync channel to sync loot events, coz it can not show in combat log if loot recipient is far away. Example of sync is DamageMeters

    If there is a developer with Classic WoW experience, who would be interesting to work on that project, we can discuss details. And ofc work is going to be paid.

    I can't and won't help you with a private server.