1. Good Evening,

    I'm trying to modify an element of an existing addon (the xpBar from FreeUI, to be exact) so that it spans the entire width of my screen, and I'm having a lot of trouble.

    Currently, it's setup like this (backdrop is the bar to which the xp, restedxp, and rep bars are attached to):


    What I get is a bar that only spans about 3/4's of my screen's width. From what I've been able to tell, this is a result of ScreenWidth() returning a value that isn't quite right and needs to be modified by another variable - I'm just not sure which one.

    My Use UI Scale button is not checked, so forced scaling is turned off.

    Anyone have any ideas, or a workaround?

    I'd recommend simply setting your left/right points to the respective sides of the UIParent (or WorldFrame if you want to ignore people resizing the UIParent).

    If you have to use SetWidth, you can use :SetWidth(UIParent:GetWidth()) instead.