1. Hello,

    As a new author this website and the accompanying book have been a great help.

    I would like to create an addon which makes clicking a lightwell even easier and was wondering if the following sequence is possible:

    Target Lightwell > Interact with target (from keybinding menu) > Target last target

    Each step would be a key press similar to the /castsequence macro command. I've been reading the advanced chapters in the book about taking secure action in combat but can't see how to do what I want. I did see a previous post regarding InteractUnit and understand that it's a secure command but perhaps it could be used somehow with secure templates?


    As far as I'm aware, there's no secure template that provides access to "interact with unit" functionality.

    As secure templates are the only way to invoke secure functions without them failing (as the secure templates' OnClick script is secure itself), I'd say there's no way to cause a button to trigger the "Interact with Unit" functionality.

    The light well is not a unit and therefore cannot be programmatically interacted with or referenced. Sorry.

    Thanks for your responses.