1. Hey guys it's me again

    I've got a question about trimming a texture. My problem is that I've got a border texture with rounded corners.

    My Template

     <Frame name="TestTemplate" hidden="true" virtual="true">
            <Size x="90" y="90"/>
                <Anchor point="CENTER"/>
                <Layer level="BACKGROUND">
                    <Texture name="$parent_Icon" parentKey="icon" file="Interface\Icons\Spell_Shadow_PainAndSuffering">
                             <Anchor point="TOPLEFT" relativeTo="$parent">
                                <Offset x="4" y="-4"/>
                            <Anchor point="BOTTOMRIGHT" relativeTo="$parent">
                                <Offset x="-4" y="4"/>
                <Layer level="BORDER">
                    <Texture name="$parent_Border" parentKey="border" file="Interface\AddOns\XAurora\Library\Textures\border"/>                 

    This template works pretty great when its size is between 150/150 and 90/90 but when it is smaler or bigger you can see empty place between the border and the icon or the corners of the icon behind the rounded corners.

    My Goal is to get a Teamplate which works for every size.

    Here is a little pic for better understanding.


    would be great if someone could give me a solution in xml so that I dont have to code it.

    I already tried SetTexCoord but i don't know how to use it correctly.

    Thanks in advance


    I don't really think there is an easy or consistent way to do this. The border is normally just the right size, such that it works.

    I think I will do this by code

    Get the size of the frame and multiply by 0.92 and use this as new size for the icon seems to work pretty well.

    but thank you for the fast reply :)