1. Hi everyone,

    is there a possibility to set the window width of a StaticPopupDialog ? I am using it the usual way:

    StaticPopupDialogs["..."] = {

            text = "...",
            button1 = "...",
            button2 = "...",
            OnAccept = function() end,
            timeout = 0,
            whileDead = true,
            hideOnEscape = true,


    I have tried to add a hash with << width = "500" << , but obviously it failed (nothing happend).

    As far as I know, no. They're automatically sized.

    Well, there seems to be no suitable possibility. I managed to change the size after the Popup is being shown using StaticPopup1:SetWidth(num), but it does not re-render the text, which makes it useless for me ^^

    They're not one-size fits all, they're just convenient if its all you need.