1. This is only my second add-on and it seems I've made an error somewhere. I don't know if it's the actual code or I have syntax wrong. Please help... Pastebin.com link below.

    edit: I've got it working but would like to implement a better flag for when a healer is low. Currently as it is if any healer drops below 30% the alreadylow flag does not allow the message to be printed. How can I make this individual for each healer. Link updated

    edit:edit:Thanks for the great info! I've done what you said and added a table for the alreadylow flag. However, nothing seems to happen at all now. I've re-read and re-read and I'm not sure what to do have I made an error in the code? Link updated

    My Add-on

    All help greatly appreciated!!

    You could simply make alreadyLow a table where the keys are the unitId and the value is a boolean indicating if they are already low. You'd need to clear/update this table when you have a roster change, but it at least generalizes.

    You can just reply to my post, its a bit easier to read. I'd add some basic print statements for debugging purposes to see what's going on. I don't see anything obviously wrong.