1. When using the Auction House, and putting an item up for auction that is a stack of say 20, two little edit-boxes appear under the icon of the item, allowing you to specify the stack size and number of stacks to apply your bid and buyout amounts to. i.e you could breakdown a stack of 20 to 4 stacks of 5.

    I wish to read the value of these edit-boxes when the user presses the Create Auction button (and dont worry, i've already got the function-hooking code working), but i don't know what these two edit-boxes are called.

    I imagine i'll be able to read them using some code like:


    but i dont know their names. I've looked through all the blizzard code relating to the Auction House as found in the Blizzard Interface Data/Addons/Blizzard_AuctionUI folder, but I just cannot find these editboxes anywhere.

    Any help would be greatfully received - thanks.

    I can't check it out but I think that you looking for: AuctionsNumStacksEntry AuctionsStackSizeEntry

    /dump GetMouseFocus():GetName()

    Alternatively, /framestack

    Thanks guys - the names (AuctionsNumStacksEntry and AuctionsStackSizeEntry) are correct, and i never knew about the /framestack command until now. It could have save a lot of work in the past, but at least i know it now.

    Again, thanks.