1. Hi everyone, got a bit of an odd question for you all. I need a way to get the current movement speed of certain players in a raid group. I found the GetUnitSpeed function, and tried this (for example):

    speed = GetUnitSpeed("raid2");

    But it always returns 0, no matter what. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?


    Okay, small follow-up - I looked at the API listing for this function on this very site, and discovered that this works:

    speed, groundSpeed, flightSpeed, swimSpeed = GetUnitSpeed("raid2");

    speed appears to always be 0 for me, but the other three have values. However, this requires the raid member to be within some "range" of me; if they're too far away, all four values still end up being 0.

    Does anyone know if there's a way to determine their movement speed(s) even if they aren't within range of my own character?


    No, unfortunately, they need to be in your area of interest for that information to be available.

    Okay, thank you for that info. My plan B was to scan the tooltips of the player's buffs for things like "increases ground speed by ___%"... is this possible either?

    If it's available, you can certainly try.