1. Hi! I'm write next script: x=GetInboxNumItems(); for i=1,x,1 do AutoLootMailItem(i); end; The script works, but it collects only the first letter attachment. Where am I wrong?

    I think it might require a hardware event, I'm not sure.

    I'm just guessing (I don't have the time to try it out now) ..

    but I suppose you can't just rattle through your loop in at once, because that loop will only need a fraction of a second, and in that time you can't loot your complete mailbox.

    My strategy would be (UNTESTED !!!):

    1. Get amount of items with GetInboxNumItems()
    2. Start opening first mail
    3. Wait for event, this could be "MAIL_INBOX_UPDATE" or "UNIT_INVENTORY_CHANGED" (check the problems there when stacking items ...)
    4. Open next mail, and don't forget mails are deleted when they contain no text, so that your next index will be the same as before
    5. Continue at 3