1. which the code that checks the guild total activity of a player? I have this code, but it checks the weekly activity and not the total

    for i=1,GetNumGuildMembers() GetGuildRosterContributionTotal(i) <= 250000

    I don't know. If the default UI does it, you can look into the FrameXML to see how it does it.

    I think (but might be wrong) that the reason you are only getting returns by the week is because the game drops the oldest values on a floating 7 day scale, counting days you don't log in as days you contributed nothing.

    In order to get data beyond the last 7 days, you would need to put it in the saved variables. I would still suggest some amount of days in the past to start dumping data or your SV will get huge.


    The second return value is the total amount of EXP that the player has contributed to the guild.