1. So I'm new to all of the macroing and what not other than basic spellcasting macros.

    What I want to achieve with this macro is the following:

    1click mail macro:

    -Enter person's name to mail to -Place 12 stacks of 20 specified item into mail send tabs(currently mine will put stacks of not 20) -Fill in the CoD amount -Send

    This is what I have right now and it does everything except making sure the stacks placed in the mail send tabs are 20 and it won't set the CoD amount.

    /run SetSendMailCOD(1000) /run SendMail("name of receiver", "subject", "nbody") /run for b=0,4 do for s=0,36 do I=GetContainerItemLink(b,s) if I and I:find("specified item")then UseContainerItem(b,s) end end end

    Any help would be appreciated. Honestly I'm not quite sure if this should even be posted here so my apologies if it shouldn't.

    You're going to be hard pressed to put something like this in a macro. I suggest looking at the first few chapters that show you how to create an addon and then working through those examples.