1. Friends, I wrote this script but I believe I have committed any fault

    for i=1,GetNumGuildMembers()do local ,,a,b=GetGuildRosterInfo(i)if GetGuildRosterContribution(i) >= 2763580 and GetGuildRosterInfo(Name) ~= "Raptis" then SetGuildMemberRank(i,3)end end

    any error in this code?

    Yes, there's a syntax error (which you putting it into any capable Lua editor/window would have revealed).

    This is a syntax error:

     local ,,a,b=GetGuildRosterInfo(i ...

    You can't just have , in wherever you want them.

    not understand

    I don't know how to make it any clearer. You are getting a Lua syntax error, which you failed to post here. That describes exactly what the problem is. You can't just have commas sitting after local.. I'm not even sure what you're trying to do there. Perhaps:

    local ,,a,b

    What I am trying to make is that this "macro" to enable all members with more than 2763580 of the weekly activity guild rank "3", except the player or save Raptis ranks "2" and "4".

    Your code makes no sense, and you're not helping me at all. Maybe try:

     for i=1,GetNumGuildMembers() do local name=GetGuildRosterInfo(); if GetGuildRosterContribution(i) >= 2763580 and name ~= "Raptis" then SetGuildMemberRank(i,3)end end

    I have no clue, I can't write the macro for you, and you have basic syntax errors.

    Thanks for the help friend.

    As I have put this command

    for i=1,GetNumGuildMembers() do local y,m,d=GetGuildRosterLastOnline(i) print((GetGuildRosterInfo(i)),y,m,d) if y then if y>0 or m>0 or d>28 then GuildUninvite(GetGuildRosterInfo(i)) end end end

    To run as soon as I upload my addon? (get into the game)

    have any suggestions on how do I run this command as soon as I enter the game with the addon loaded?

    You write an addon. I don't know when the guild roster information is available. You'll have to use events. You don't own my book, and I don't have the time to teach you something that is already covered quite clearly in the book.