1. Hello :)

    At the moment, I am trying to create a addon that can help me and my guild in the new upcoming patch 4.3.

    Until now I have created a addon that can track debuffs on my raid and the timer and whisper it to them.

    My next step is to create a addon that can track which mobs have spawned.

    So what I am looking for:

    Is some kind of table or array, that I can loop through and find the mob that I want to get some information on. It pretty much have to work like a radar.

    NPCscan can fx. also track mobs within the players range.

    Hope u can help, cheers Supermormor :)

    NPCScan is unable to determine anything apart from the mob spawning - it does this by checking the cache. Use a PlayerModel's :SetCreature(npcID) method to set the model to the NPC's ID, then call its :GetModel() method - if it returns a path to a m2 texture file, the creature is cached. If it doesn't (but returns a reference to itself), the creature isn't cached.

    However, it's not possible to obtain any information apart from it spawning about a creature without it having a valid unitID first.

    Thanks a lot :) The reason for why I need it is, because the encounter on 10man, will spawn three different mobs and I want the addon to mark the best one to kill. But this will happen more than ones in the fight.

    From what I have heard before, if u have cached something, u can not catch the same mob twice ? Is that right or wrong ? :)

    I remember in NPCscan, that u had to clear your cache sometimes :)