1. Hello fellow of the http://wowprogramming.com

    I come here once again request the help of Sr's, I have two different addons and would like to turn them into a single addon, it would be possible?

    I tried putting the .toc to load both .lua but had an error in the execution of addons, I would be possible to transform them into a single addon?


    You can combine them, but if they're even remotely related its possible that they will have conflicts. Once again, I can't tell you much more without any reason information.

    I understand,

    I do not know if they are distantly related, if you want I can put the code ".lua" of both addons here, they are not great, I do so?

    Just add all of the .xml and .lua files to the same directory. Add all of them to the .toc file in the correct order. If you get errors, paste EXACTLY what the error says here.

    So my partner,

    I the way I said, I put the two addons to be loaded into ".toc", entering the game, only one was working (the second to be born), checked and tested the first addon alone and it works perfectly, so stops working when the addon is loaded at the second.

    You know what might be happening?