1. Hello,

    The Eclipse Koneki development team is pleased to announce the availability of its Lua Development Tools, that can be installed via the Koneki update site (see explanations at the bottom of this message). I just thought that you might want to give it a try to see if it helps you guys to write Lua more efficiently... or not ;-)

    Not only LDT is providing you with the features you would expect from any IDE (syntax highlighting, code folding, ...), but a really nice addition is that we include a real Lua debugger, well integrated in the IDE (thanks to Eclipse DLTK, actually).

    Available features

    • Syntax coloring
    • Error markers
    • Outline
    • Code folding
    • Code templates
    • Occurrence highlighting
    • Debugger

    Features to be implemented soon

    • Code formatter
    • LuaDoc support
    • Custom interpreter definition

    To give Lua Development Tools a try, it is super easy: just add the Koneki update site [1] to your Eclipse 3.6+ installation (Help > Install New Software...), and install "Lua Development Tools (Incubator)".

    Please visit LDT web page to learn more about the project, access the documentation regarding the debugger, etc. Bugs or feature requests should be filed in our Bugzilla.

    Any kind of feedback is very welcome! :)

    [1] http://download.eclipse.org/koneki/updates-nightly