1. Hello wowprogramming companions, I have once again request the help of Mr.'s, I was days on the Internet researches on the subject however I had no answers.

    I'm trying to develop a "macro" check the light and this time the member in the guild to do a promotion.

    Example, if a guild member and have level 85 guild is in the 6 months he will be promoted to the rank "Faithful" (number 3).

    The closest I got was ....

    /run for i=1,GetNumGuildMembers()do local ,,a,b=GetGuildRosterInfo(i)if select(2,GetGuildRosterContribution(i))>=30000 and a>2 and b==85 then SetGuildMemberRank(i,3)end end

    However besides this code to verify the contribution of time and not guild does not work, only who was promoted lvl 85 regardless of whether they contributed or not.

    Someone help me arrumart the code to check the time and guild work? Thanks to all the wowpro good game and all

    Comrades, once again researches on the internet and thought fit to make a system of promotion in rank by donating gold or position of guild activity (weaky), can someone help me?

    It would be something like this, The player who donate 10 gold in the week or month goes to the rank x

    And the other option would be the player a number of guild activity (weaky) goes to the rank y

    It is to be done? Someone help me?

    I'm not sure how to do this offhand, and promotions via macro are generally a bad idea when you try to do multiple people at once. Perhaps you might find an addon that can do this for you?

    I even tried an addon like that, but found nothing. I would like to make a macro like this:

    It checks the first 3 weeks of activity of the guild and promote to the rank "a", "b" and "c"

    That is, if you stay in the first week of guild activity you will rank for the "a" (if this rank is being occupied by a member, that member is demoted.

    It has to do it?

    You're not really asking questions. Unfortunately I dont have the time to write a macro or an addon for you. I can answer specific questions if you have any.

    I finally did, I found a "macro" that does exactly what I need, only need a small fix.

    /run for i=1,GetNumGuildMembers()do local ,,a,b=GetGuildRosterInfo(i)if select(2,GetGuildRosterContribution(i))<=30 then SetGuildMemberRank(i,9)end end

    This macro checks the guild total activity, how do I check it weekly guild activity?

     /run for i=1,GetNumGuildMembers()do local ,,a,b=GetGuildRosterInfo(i)if GetGuildRosterContribution(i) <=30 then SetGuildMemberRank(i,9)end end

    That may do it

    thank you my friend, is working perfectly. so I'm finding it hard to make this macro run without it promotes a certain nick (nickexamle).

    And another problem I'm having to do a demote and mass.

    Trying to do these things in tiny macros isn't fun, the more logic you want to add the more complicated things get. You could add a conditional to check player's name or some other complicated condition, but you're quickly going to run out of space in a macro.

    Unfortunately I can't just write the macro for you, I suggest you take a look at the book that we've written to assist you with addons, or look for a forum that is more appropriate, such as the one at wowinterface.com. This forum is for the readers of the book on which this website is based.