1. Hi,

    I'm quite new to programming World of Warcraft addons and I was wondering how to expand an existing frame - more precisely a frame used by the Blizzard UI called "AuctionFrame". Addons like Auctioneer are able to add another tab by apparently using something like CreateFrame("Button", TABNAME, AuctionFrame, "AuctionTabTemplate"). Unfortunately, I absolutely have no idea where to put this piece of code (and what else would be needed) and at which event I exactly have to invoke this. I'd really appreciate if somebody could help me out with a small example which adds a new tab and maybe even changes the content of the frame when the tab button is clicked.

    Thanks for any kind of help!

    Unfortunately, that's a non-trivial example to give you. You can look in a few places to see how this is done:

    • An addon that already does this
    • The default user interface

    So look at Auctioneer, or the character panel/auction panel to see how the tabs are added. It stands to reason that any addon that edits the auction frame to add a tab is a really good place to look.