1. Wowporamming Friends, I am having trouble viewing a text containing grammatical accent ...

    Example code: ChatFrame1: AddMessage ("Líder")

    However the text is displayed: L?der

    Anyone know the solution to this conflict? I tried the codes /144 /126 but I had no success, wait help, thanks.


    If that's what you mean..

    Just a friend, this code "/144" corresponds to "?" and code "126" corresponds to "~" I'd like to know which code corresponds to "í" because that I did not think the letter and placing it directly and do not display correctly in the game.

    Yeah I have no idea where you got those. Lowercase i with an acute accent is "\195\173", as can be seen on this unicode table. The reason you typing it isn't working almost certainly has to do with your text editor not properly being able to edit UTF-8 encoded files.

    The correct slashes make a difference, its not /195/173, its \195\173.

    Yeah, it's work.... Tnks to help me guy.