1. Hi.

    Im writing an addon that creates a database with some information that the user gets while playing wow. The average database in each player will have 700 registers. This is done already.

    In a perfect world, all players (with de addon) will have the same database (same information).

    Now i want to sync the addon informacion in each player, im using ace addon (comm) to do the addon msg comunication, everything is working perfectly.

    But, im worried bout the size of the database to be sync and im thinking how to do this without causing lag to the player.

    The question: Anyone knows a way (a protocol or something) to make 2 addons (each one in diferent players) to share info and sync a realative big database (700 registers)?

    The size of each register, needs 1 send addon msg per time. So its 700 msgs from 1 addon to the others.

    i was reading http://www.wowwiki.com/AddOncommunicationsprotocol

    but (as i saw) says nothing to face big amount of data transfering.

    PD : Sorry if my english fails :d

    What you want to do is very difficult and I don't really have any help for you. You want to minimize the communications overhead while still doing a distributed database synchronization. I'm not sure the best way for you to do that.

    You do not need to worry about overhead, or spamming the addon channel with AceComm-3.0, nor do you have to worry about the quantity of data you are sending. AceComm-3.0 splits the data into chunks, sends them in intervals, and reassembles the data. Automatically, behind the scenes.

    But one thing to note: if what you are sending is not a string, you will also need to use AceSerializer-3.0 to serialize the data BEFORE you send, and use AceSerialize-3.0 to deserialize AFTER you get the comm.

    Check both AceComm-3.0 and AceSerializer-3.0 documentation for more information, as Mr Whitehead is correct; you are asking for something that is fairly complicated.