1. Hello Im a postgraduate student and im trying to do my dissertation and i need help. Im going to personalize the MMOG.Now im trying to find the available source code of the game,especially the semantics .I found the WoW interface and patch. But i want to ask something, i want for example the xml code for one weapon or from an attribute of a melee.Is this possible and where can i find them? Im in the phase of modelling of player,game and device. More specifically in case of the player i want to find: i)skill level (level,melle,defence,combat skills rtc) ii)behaviour (movement,speed etc) iii)personal and social information like the character info,location and server etc. These have an xml code? Sorry for my english,im greek and im trying and sorry asking maybe stupid questions but never before worked on these fields and know nothing.

    You cannot generally get that information. You can get some information by using the API in-game, but that would only be for a single character at a time, and they would have to be running your addon. I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to accomplish, or what you're asking.

    Nice,thx a lot. I want to model the player, more specifically to see skills level, melee,defence, defence, behaviour, talents etc. I want to model the device and the game too. After that ill work with neuronic networks and some other programs to personalize the game.Hope too :)!