1. Hey, i'm trying to find a function to get the Real ID (xxxx@mail.com) from a user account, but i cant seem to find one... how can i do it?


    The API does not provide that information. Intentionally.

    then, is there anyway to identify an account instead of a charater?

    Another thing, i'm a newbie at Lua, and i cant seem to find a away for sockets to work... i don't know if i need to include some library. can you help me?

    function HelloWorld()

    -- load the http module
    http = require("socket.http")
    -- Requests information about a document, without downloading it.
    -- Useful, for example, if you want to display a download gauge and need
    -- to know the size of the document in advance
    r, c, h = http.request {
    method = "HEAD",
    url = "http://google.pt"


    What i'm trying to do is something very simple. Send a http request to a page like "mysite.php?var=x&var1=y" then from my website, read the GET variables, do my script, and print to the page "1" or "0", wich i would read from my Lua script :)

    There are no sockets. There is no input/output. I suggest you actually read the book and look at the limitations that I clearly lay out about what addons can and can't do.