1. hello, i wanna ask how to make the skill Rend is casted

    my code for macro:

    /run nm=UnitDebuff("target", "Trauma"); if nm=="Trauma" then cast Rend end -> won't cast Rend

    but i tried:

    /run nm=UnitDebuff("target", "Trauma"); if nm=="Trauma" then print("working") end -> the word working are printed.

    thx so much for helping.

    and if you willing to help more, pls answer this http://forum.molten-wow.com/showthread.php?p=835463&nojs=1#post835463

    you can answer here or there (at molten forum). ty so much for the help :)

    You cannot use API logic to decide when to cast a spell. All you have available to you are the macro conditionals. This is an intentional limitation. You cannot do what you want to do here, or on the other forums.

    /cast Rend