1. Is it possible to get a UI mod to pull real time information from another source?

    I'd like to build a UI mod that can execute functions based on the input of an external device, however the API for that device is natively in C++. The API can be wrapped to .net if need be, but is there any way to get the device input into a UI mod?

    Failing that, How would I go about making new keybindings in the keybinding menu and attaching them to functions?

    No you can't, there's no scope for that in the API. As for making new keybindings and attaching them to functions, you'd need the Keybind functions.

    The keybind idea is your best bet. Once you have a driver for your device that generates key or mouse button events, it's easy to see them in the UI.

    If you're lucky there may already be a driver for your device out there, otherwise you may have to write one yourself, been a while but I think you want KMDF (kernel mode driver framework). If your device is USB there are generic USB drivers that might work for you.

    I can make the device output 4 commands, I guess now I just need to figure out how to make keybindings for camera orbit left/right/up/down.