1. I'm making an AddOn which needs to detect when everything is cast and then does something using the cooldown of that cast spell. Using the COMBAT_LOG_UNFILTERED event and SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS type, I only ever got instant cast spells through.

    I made it print out all of the types as I played and I tested casting spells. SPELL_CAST_START appeared, but nothing came up that indicated a successful or even complete cast. Only a SPELL_DAMAGE since I was using smite, but that's not reliable enough, is it?

    How can I detect when a spell with cast time is cast? Note that where it looks like there are no underscores, such as SPELL_CAST_START, there actually is, but for some reason they aren't showing up on my post.

    I don't have the book in front of me, but you can review that chapter in the book or use /eventtrace to see what events happen. They definitely do happen, but you should be able to use JUST COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED for everything, if you want to know when spells were actually cast successfully.

    The spellcasting events are weird, just check and see what events are available.