1. Hi, Im trying to create a arena addon, I just need one last fuction to make it work.

    When enter in the arena, it appear on the top of the screen:

    Gold Team: 2 players remaining Green Team: 1 players remaining

    I need to make the addon read that before the arena starts. Does somebody knows if that is possible?

    Thanks, sorry for my bad english

    If it's displayed by the user interface, then there's an API function to get that information. I suggest you search through the FrameXML code to find that string and see if you can figure out how its being filled out.

    A cursory search doesn't find it. Best thing to do is run a /framestack and put your mouse over that text and see what its name is so we can look further.

    I didnt know about /framestack. Its realy good to know about this tool. Thanks a lot ^^

    Now i just need to find how to read a frame like AlwaysUpFrame1, and how to hook a mouse click on a frame

    Now i just need to find how to read a frame like AlwaysUpFrame1

    Found: text, icon, isFlashing, dynamicIcon, tooltip, dynamicTooltip = GetWorldStateUIInfo(i)