1. Hi all.

    I have made a template that shows a frame and that frame have a portrait hole where I have placed a texture in.

    The problem is that when I use that template the texture that should fill the hole, resizes to be the same size as the frame it self. take a look at this picture:

    Here is the source code for it as well. Template.xml

     <Ui xmlns="http://www.blizzard.com/wow/ui/"
       <Frame name="ProGuideFramesTemplate" virtual="true">
           <AbsDimansion x="320" y="256" />
           <Layer level="BACKGROUND">
             <Texture name="$parentIconTexture" parentKey="icon" file="Interface\Icons\trade_archaeology">
               <Size x="60" y="60" />
                 <Anchor point="TOPLEFT" relativePoint="TOPLEFT">
                     <AbsDimansion x="4" y="-3" />
           <Layer level="BORDER">
             <Texture file="Interface\AddOns\ProGuide\img\GuideFrameLeft.tga">
                 <Anchor point="LEFT" />
             <Texture file="Interface\AddOns\ProGuide\img\GuideFrameRight.tga">
                 <Anchor point="RIGHT" />


     local f = CreateFrame("Frame", "ProGuideObjectives1", UIParent, "ProGuideFramesTemplate")
     SetPortraitToTexture(f.icon, "Interface\\Icons\\trade_archaeology")

    What am I doing wrong ?!?

    Just to clarify, then the portrait is named icon ;)

    PS. If I do this in pure lua code it works

    I ran it through the XML validator on the utils page, and it seems you've spelled AbsDimension incorrectly: <AbsDimansion x="4" y="-3" />

    HAH spelling error it was :P thanks for the help. I need to remember to use those tools some more ;) I have read the book they have made here so I should have known it ;)