1. If you open up the EPGP table, the current raid members are sorted to the top. I need this in my AddOn but I can't seem to figure exactly how this works .. Does anyone have any idea here?

    See Raid functions. You can probably use UnitInRaid to see if someone is in your raid.

    Still not sure how to do this .. Can't seem to find a function that returns the guild roster, only guild info, MOTD and such things .. Further help would be appreciated.

    You didn't say anything about the guild roster, only about your raid.

    Shockingly, you want GetGuildRosterInfo and the other guild functions, linked from that page and on the categories page.

    I think I mixed up my several issues here lol, sorry :) However GetGuildRosterInfo only returns info from that specific player.

    Yes, of course. That's how almost every single function in the API works. Once the guild roster has been loaded you can do something like:

     for i = 1, GetNumGuildMembers() do
       local name = GetGuildRosterInfo(i)
       if name then
         print(name, "is in my guild")

    Again, look at the Guild category of API functions: