1. Hey All,

    I've been programming for years (professionally), never really looked at LUA, but figured it couldn't be too hard, compared to most other languages. After diving in, it's certainly special! =)

    To the point: there seems to be a bug in the setlootthreshold/setlootmethod commands. Details at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2029914016. Code:

     local function handler(msg, editbox)  
       if msg == 'end' then
         if GetLootMethod() ~= "master" then
           SetLootMethod("master", msg);
         if GetLootThreshold() ~= 4 then

    Can anyone provide some advice, or a workaround? This should be absurdly simple. TIA.


    Did it used to work a different way and this is a change in behaviour that you're observing, or are you just trying to figure out how to accomplish something?

    As far as I know, this has never worked... although I'm just trying it from an add-on perspective now (as opposed to typing /script ... in game, which doesn't work either). It's interesting that using the default menus in the UI does not have this problem; it makes me wonder exactly what calls they're making.

    Luckily the source is 100% available so you can see exactly what calls they are making =)

    Seriously?! I would have assumed Blizzard had it locked down tight. That's awesome. I will start digging, but would you mind pointing a newb in the right direction? :)


    The FrameXML Reference is listed here on on wowprogramming.com. Every single action the user interface takes (nameplates and minimap dots are the only exceptions, they're not strictly user-interface, they're implemented otherwise) can be found here.

    You sir, are the man... unless of course you're female, in which case, you're still amazing. Thanks a bunch. As an FYI, I spoke with a GM about it, and they opened a QA ticket, so hopefully the problem gets resolved (eventually!).